Thursday, August 29, 2019

mushroom hunting- safety tips

It’s monsoon and mushroom season is in full swing. If you have never dared to hunt for wild mushrooms before, then you definitely are missing out on all these delicious flavors. However, as the saying goes- "All mushrooms are edible. But, few are edible only once !". So, it is important to take some precautions, especially if you are foraging mushrooms on your own. 

It is advisable not to consume a wild mushroom without complete identification. However, here are a few instructions that I always prefer to give before proceeding with any mushroom hunt: 
  1. Always wash the mushrooms before consuming them (to remove dirt, soil & other debris).
  2. Avoid eating raw mushrooms (as they are difficult to digest raw).
  3. Stay away from gilled mushrooms (if not identified properly, gilled mushrooms can be poisonous).
  4. Touching & smelling a mushroom does not cause poisoning (its a myth that smelling/ touching a wild mushroom can cause poisoning).
  5. Always carry a cell phone (in case you get bit by wild animal/ get lost in woods or other emergency).
  6. Use knife to cut the mushrooms, do not pluck them (plucking the mushroom damages the organism underneath. Cutting with a knife ensures that the mushroom will pop up from the same spot in the years to come!)
If you have any questions or queries regarding mushroom hunting, please feel free to comment below.


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