Friday, December 13, 2019

Mushroom Cultivation & Cooking DIY's

We facilitated a day’s training for Mr. Rohit Sharma, who is a chef based in Chandigarh on commercial cultivation of organic oyster mushrooms! Apart from the cultivation, what we also covered with him were amazing quick recipes like - the mushroom soup (slurp, slurp!), oyster mushroom noodles (yummy in my tummy!), fritters and fries (deliciousssss!), mushroom pakoras (mmmmmm), mushroom pancakes and mushroom bread (tastyyy tastyyy!)! Other interesting marketing tips were given too and all this learning helped him grow 15-20 kgs of fresh mushrooms in a period of 40 days after the training! If you are someone wanting to relish mushroom recipes, reach out to us!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Morning Mushroom Foraging, Aavishkar, Palampur

Located on Kandbari hills in Palampur, Aavishkaar center of Learning is a pioneer in delivering high-quality Science and Math education. It aims to reach some of the most remote schools and communities in the country. 

The center organized a three day workshop called "Hamari Shiksha" that aims to instill a deeper understanding about the current landscape of education, different avenues of change possible, and the ways you can be a part of this journey. Highly motivated participants working with education-related issues took part in the workshop.

Kandbari hill has a rich biodiversity of various edible mushrooms. So, to add fun to this workshop, Himpicked organised a mushroom foraging morning trek on day 3 of the workshop. During the trek, participants were made aware of various edibles & poisonous plants & mushrooms in the wild. They were also informed about the nutritional & medicinal value of mushrooms.

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