Monday, April 27, 2020

Our Sunday Special Webinar - Making of Raw Floral-Citrus Cocktail

Sunday and Cocktails! What a perfect combination! Isn’t it?

Sunday, Cocktails and the Cocktails which you can make at home with the most simple ingredients! Isn’t that the most perfect combination? Well, most definitely it is! :) 

So, we spent our Sunday today talking about how to make a raw floral-citrus probiotic which has the following benefits:

  • It is rich in Acetobacter bacteria and yeast 
  • Peels of fruits/vegetables become more dense nutritionally 
  • Even if the process fails, it still serves as a natural insecticide/pesticide/fungicide for plants
  • It is rich in digestive enzymes
  • The Fermentation process involved increases bioavailability of certain compounds to our body 

What are its ingredients? 

  • Peel of 1 lemon/orange
  • 1 flower (rose preferred) 
  • 500 mL drinking water
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar/jaggery
  • Glass Container

What is the basic ratio in which the ingredients need to be mixed? 

1 part brown sugar : 1 part citrus peels : 2 parts flower petals : 10 parts water 

Four-simple steps to prepare the Cocktail

Step 1: Put the flower petals and the citrus peels in the glass container

Step 2: Add jaggery/brown sugar and shake the container well 

Step 3: Add drinking water to it (leaving some space above in the container) 

Step 4: Cover the mouth of the container with cheese-cloth/cotton cloth/hanky, seal with a rubber band and leave the container undisturbed away from direct sunlight 

After 2 months

There are two options:

Option A: The Probiotic is ready to use, so we just need to strain the liquid and use 2-3 spoons of probiotic in 1 cup water and enjoy it! Use the isolate as the mother culture for the next batch! 

Option B: Feed the yeast. We can intensify the probiotic by adding 2 tbsp brown sugar, replacing the cloth and the rubber band and storing in the dark for another one month! 

Let’s see the spoiled and good samples

Some Precautions to take: 

  • If you observe slimy/powery/coloured layer on top, let it ferment for 3 months, then use as a natural insecticide/ pesticide/ fungicide for plants 
  • Don’t use metal 
  • Avoid using white sugar
  • Never leave the mouth of container uncovered 
So, what are you waiting for?? 
Prepare the Cocktail drink today and reach out to us for any queries at +91-8894486066! 

We love questions!


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