Sunday, April 19, 2020

Vegan Probiotics - Summary our Sunday Special Webinar on 19th April, 2020

Learn to make probiotics at home and know the health benefits....

We spent our Sunday today engaging with about 30 participants trying something new and different in a 40 minutes Webinar in collaboration with EarthJust. The webinar was on "Creating your own Probiotics at home and learning about its health benefits".

Probiotics are good bacteria that keeps our gut healthy. That is the most basic significance of it. 'Vegan Probiotics' help preserve vegetables and enriches the vegetables used with new vitamins (originally not even present). So, they have a two-fold benefit right there!

So, let's learn to make 'Vegan Probiotics' in five simple steps:

Step No. 1

Chop vegetables of your choice (preferably carrots, radish, garlic, onions, beet). You will need 250 grams of chopped vegetables and put them in a container.

Step No. 2

Take 1 litre drinking-water in a glass container and mix 1 tablespoon of salt in it.

Step No. 3

Now put the chopped vegetables in the salt-water (in the glass container).

Step No. 4

Ensure that the vegetables are completely immersed in the salted water and are not in contact with the air. One can use another big piece of any vegetable, or a small piece of wood or a zip-locked bag with water in it to completely immerse the chopped vegetables in the water and ensure that they are in contact with dry air.

Step No. 5

Let this stay for a few days!

Once you start noticing some cloudiness in the water, your Probiotics is ready to use! :)

Some important things to be cautionary of ....

- If you observe slimy/powdered/colored layer on the top, discard it and start over again

- Do not use any metal

- Avoid using ionized salt

- Avoid using chlorinated water

- Make sure that the vegetables and fully submerged

- Do not try this method with fruits

Three-cheers for the great session and for Probiotics!

Stay healthy!


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