Friday, May 8, 2020

2 most common edible mushrooms in the world!

What all did we cover?

This Sunday, we discussed 2 most common mushrooms that we can find literally outside our doorsteps. It was guaranteed that at the end of the webinar, all of the participants will be experts in spotting & identifying these 2 mushroom varieties:

1. Turkey-Tail Mushrooms

Identification of a turkey-tail mushroom

It is always found in clusters and on all kinds of decaying wood. We will look for 4 key features:

2. Split-gill mushroom 

It is also called Schizophyllum commune. There are more than 28,000 different sexes of split-gill mushroom!

Identification of split-gill mushroom

This variety also grows in clusters and on all kinds of decaying wood. We will look for 4 key features:

Cooking Split-gill mushrooms:

Split Gill Mushroom is estimated to have 68% fiber, 16% protien and only 2% fat! It is recommended that we do not eat these mushrooms raw. These mushrooms have a thick cell wall. Heat helps to degrade the cell wall & release the nutrients. Thus, heating this mushroom before cooking is always good to gain maximum nutrition.

These 2 mushrooms (Turkey tail & split gills) are:

1. The most abundant mushroom verities on the planet.
2. Grow all year round
3. Are found everywhere in the world

4. Have no poisonous look-alikes

Keeping the above 4 points in minds, the participants were encouraged to keep an eye on these mushrooms in there surroundings. I am happy to share the photographs sent by participants a few hours after the webinar :)

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