Friday, May 8, 2020

Our Composting Journal with Pollution Control Board

Earthjust & Himpicked got a great opportunity to engage on a ‘Composting Project’ with the State Pollution Control Board. We were involved with them for a good 6 months and recorded all the observations of the composting process.

We observed and recorded the composting process there on many different parameters on a periodic basis (here we are sharing the recordings of some significant ones):

The odour of the compost

Whether any enhancer was used or not?

How frequently was the waste in the compost pot mixed together (turning)?

Whether Leachate release was observed or not? Leachate is an acidic liquid that comes out of compost. This liquid is harmful for plants & the environment too. We used to check whether this liquid is being released from this hole or not. (Leachate Release)

We observed maggots in the pot or not?

Here’s our composting journal:

Got more questions for us and want our help in composting? We will be happy to help you out! Reach out to us! :)


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