Saturday, July 11, 2020

Entrepreneurship Mindset Classes with 10th to 12th Grade students

Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) is started by the Delhi government as a pilot that aims to instill an innovative mindset among students. So, they can take their ideas to the next level & be future job providers in the country.

As a part of EMC, 40 students joined on a Bootcamp with Alohomora Education, Delhi & EarthJust Ecosystems, Solan. The Bootcamp aimed at helping students make 2 sustainable products at home using good micro-organisms that are present in the environment:
1. Bio enzyme
2. Bread from wild yeast

The students were also upskilled to create a business plan to sell these products in their respective communities.

2. Participation of students - total= 33 . High= 27 students), Moderate= 3 students), Low (3 students)
3. 32 students have successfully made bioenzyme. few weeks & we will see the final products.
4. 32 students have attempted to make wild yeast successfully.
5. 13 students have made their 1st attempt in making Bread
6. 15 students have actually gone & sell their bread to their neighbours or relatives.


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