Sustainability Samwaad, Solan

Inviting you to another edition of Sustainability Samwaad. Will request you to register if interested or share in your networks to people who may want to engage in such a Samwaad.

Sustainability Samwaad: Conversations to explore ideas for sustainable living

Sustainable living – a phrase that to us means a harmony between Me (self) and We (environment). This harmony will come when We think, share, understand and apply. Thus a Sustainability Samvaad!

A space that we create collectively, to help connect our Head, Hand & Heart. A space for conversations, and lots of hands-on work, where we will all get together for 3 days to discuss, ideate, share, reflect on our individual and collective sustainable living footprints. The conversations will also explore the relationship between sustainable living, conscious consumerism, thinking about our waste & inclusive development.

At the end of 3 days, we hope that apart from these conversations, everyone would be ready to to start or accelerate their zero-waste /minimalist /waste2surplus /conscious consumer journey.

Tentative outline of the program :-

Day 1:
Heart: Why of sustainable living & conscious consumerism
Head: Is waste a problem ? Is it really waste ?
Hand: Sorting your own waste/ zero-waste/mimimalistic lifestyle (segregation, composting)

Day 2:
Heart: Choices that we make everyday: Moving from Me to We
Head: What are we putting in our body? Food & lifestyle
Hand: Grow your own food, plant a tree, & making your house healthier

(what can you you grow in your own garden & how to grow it & how to grow mushrooms+ eliminating chemicals from your house)

Day 3: 
Heart: The journey of a sustainable eco-system; nature, we and me
Head: Seeing the bigger picture: connecting the dots
Hand: Practice & perfect 1 sustainable action (do-it-yourself): Grow your own food, grow your own mushrooms, segregate, compost, bamboo-making, healthy food, chemical free personal care or household cleaners

We as hosts of the workshop are active practitioners and will share our journey of head, heart and hand towards a sustainable living. This is a starter workshop, for beginners and practitioners, to think, and learn about the facets of sustainable living that can be immediately adopted.

Medium of conversation: Hindi & English

You should attend if:

If you are passionate about the environment, lead a lifestyle that's healthy for you and the environment, want to start a zero-waste or a minimalistic lifestyle, or make a change in your own personal life, learn hands-on about sustainable practices that you can immediately adopt and / or participate in, make chemical free products or help build community based sustainability platforms. In short, somebody who wants to create harmony between self (me) & environment (we).


We will host the stay for 3 days with the Samvaad at EarthJust & Nurtured By Nature Farms.


We would like to accommodate everyone who is interested in this and we don't want money to be a barrier for anyone. All you need to do is register and show up.

However, it still costs us money to create the space. Our cost for this comes to Rs. 3500 per person for the duration of the workshop. Your seat has been gifted by the ones who attended before you. And you can choose to do the same. Whatever contribution you make (no contribution/ less than the cost / at cost / more) will be a gift for the next person.

If you think this workshop is for you then please go ahead and register by filling this form.

For further queries and in case, you are unable to register through this link, please write to us at

You can also call us on 7807074323 / 9999221125


About the Hosts :

Sahjivan Eco Farms Gopal Negi of Sahjivan is working on building self-reliant communities that strongly believe in sharing resources and building healthy relationships with ecology.

Sharma House – Bharti & Rakesh Sharma are working on making self reliant urban household. Both of them are active practitioners of natural living habit to the extent their urban house and employment constraints allow.

Nurtured By Nature – Rachna & Dinesh are engaged in building a viable sustainable agriculture model as showcase to engage the farming community to switch from chemical based farming to natural farming.

Himpicked - Shrey of Himpicked is the voice of fungi. A microbiologist by profession, he has 9 years of academic & self taught experience in the field of mushroom cultivation & environmental biodiversity. He currently runs his own organic mushroom farm in Shimla.

Earthjust Ecosystems – Shruti & Abhishek of Earthjust wish to create a sustainable ecosystem, through a community engaged model for a Saksham, Swachh, Swasthya and Sanyukt Solan.


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